Have actually you ever came across somebody who would really argue because they just couldn’t shut their “smart mouths” with you about something they knew nothing about… and make a fool of themselves?

Have actually you ever came across somebody who would really argue because they just couldn’t shut their “smart mouths” with you about something they knew nothing about… and make a fool of themselves?

Over the past several years helping dudes enhance their success with ladies, we see that one pattern again and again…

Smart dudes don’t want to be “beginners” at ANYTHING.

They don’t such as the basic concept of screwing up… especially if others are viewing.

They would like to keep this “smart guy” image of themselves… so they really try to be “The Expert” at whatever they are doing.

In place of saying “Hey, do you know what? I’m a newbie only at that… just how do it is done by me? Exactly what can I do first? Exactly what next?”… and rather than being completely okay with screwing up, making errors, and making a fool of on their own right in front of other people so that you can LEARN…

…they won’t danger embarrassment, failure, or other people convinced that they’re novices… so that they crank up finally FAILING.


A smart guy’s STRENGTH is their MIND.

Their WEAKNESS is normally their THOUGHTS.

Smart dudes in many cases are IMMOBILIZED by WORRY.

And because numerous smart dudes aren’t comfortable working with things they’re maybe not proficient at, they simply repress or try to escape from fear.

Lots of men would instead perish in lonely isolation than acknowledge which they don’t learn how to cope with their thoughts… or, GODFORBID, require help!

Hey, we went for a long time similar to this.

I understand exactly what it is like.

However the the truth is that any guy can learn how to handle as well as MASTER their feelings (even fear)… if he simply takes the effort and time to discover ways to do so.

Then do yourself a big favor… take the time if this is you. Simply take the work.

Don’t bother about just what other people thinks of you… it does not matter.

What truly matters is you doing the items that you must do FOR YOU PERSONALLY.

…I think the key reason why I’m so captivated by “The Genius Failure Paradox” is really because We have had to struggle along with of the dilemmas for many several years of my entire life.

Now, I’m perhaps not saying that I’m the guy that is smartest from the planet…

But I don’t think mamma raised no trick.

Plus it constantly bothered the hell away from me personally that even though I happened to be so excellent at figuring things down, I couldn’t figure LADIES away.

One thing informs me you are aware exactly what I’m speaing frankly about.

Well, after beating my mind contrary to the wall surface for many years… trying all sorts of crazy “logical” material… we finally got the” that is“bright to begin learning dudes have been “naturally” good with ladies.

Needless to say, i then found out that you might be both never SMART, and REALLY SUCCESSFUL WITH LADIES at the exact same time.

In addition discovered that you will be SMART and REALLY SUCCESSFUL AMONG WOMEN too.

By very carefully learning exactly what the “naturals” did with women… and learning the way they “thought” concerning the subject, we begun to understand that success with women wasn’t totally LOGICAL.

A lot of the things I discovered had been really tough for me personally to accept… because my rational mind simply didn’t are interested involved with it.

The one thing we saw had been dudes pressing females away in response from them… and having the women then chase them.

Made no sense at all.

We saw dudes tease gorgeous females and make jokes about them with their faces… after which viewed those ladies become “little girls” in response… struggling to keep their composure, and for that reason struggling to keep their manipulative energy…

It took me personally a while, but We continued to learn, test, and refine the things I had been learning I wanted anytime I wanted… date any type of woman I wanted until I personally figured out how to approach women in any situation… get any woman’s number…

…and above all, BE RID of this “empty” feeling because I didn’t know how to attract women that I carried around my whole life.

As soon as i obtained this section of my very own life together, I made the decision to greatly help other dudes understand this area of the lives together.


The greatest outcome of all of this time, work, and power is my free Secret culture Letters.

And I’d love to invite you to definitely register.

It’s free, there’s no responsibility, I’ll never ever share your email with anybody, and you will effortlessly eliminate yourself anytime without any hassles (and no, I’ll never ever pull some of these tricks where We give you a lot of undesired junk e-mail whenever you make an effort to eliminate your self).

Needless to say, it also gets much better than that…

Along with my free Secret Society Letter, We additionally have a killer eBook that is downloadable you are able to install now and stay reading in literally MINS from at this time.

It’s JAM filled with dozens and lots of certain methods for overcoming fear, approaching females, getting telephone numbers and current email address from ladies quickly, great inexpensive and on occasion even free date a few ideas, and exactly how to simply take what to a “physical” level efficiently and simply.

And I’ll talk for you once more quickly.

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