Knowledge Base – Best Secrets aCalendar Application For Android Devices You Didn’t Know Yet [Part 2].

Frustrating as this leads to missed appointments. You can select which activity you want to perform daily and the duration. It will even ask you when you usually perform such action. After setting up, the app will add it to your calendar based on your busy schedule. Typically, one wouldn’t care much about widgets while comparing apps, but they do play a vital part with calendar apps. With Google, the app will ask you to create event, reminder, or Goal .


theory, you should be able to create a reminder with just a few taps and without ever needing to touch the keyboard. There are two differences between creating a reminder and creating an event. You can also add an event by tapping a date—and delete one by sliding the event to the right. Press the More Options link next to the Save button and you’ll be taken to a pretty detailed form with a ton of different options.

You Cant See Your Events

Search for and select Outlook Calendar to open the app. Open your Outlook and select the SharePoint calendar you want to remove. The Outlook calendar will automatically sync with SharePoint, so you can make changes here and have them reflected there. The ability of viewing a SharePoint calendar in Outlook prevents users from excessive navigation between calendars located at different sites. You’ll see sliders for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes.

  • Profile pictures and categories will be synced as well.
  • The best thing about Google Calendar is that you can create multiple calendars in one app with your Gmail or Google account.
  • Life would be so much easier if you only had one calendar with all your appointments and meetings.
  • You might also elicit feedback from friends, parents, and teachers and incorporate their suggestions in your essay.
  • It does web searches, downloads apps from Google Play, and has direct support for a variety of available apps.
  • Using these two programs together, syncs not only Contacts and Calendar, but also Tasks, Notes, and Color Categorization for all data types.

Touch DELETE to confirm, and then check if the Outlook calendar is syncing to the regular Calendar app on your phone. If it is synced, all the events saved on your Microsoft latest verson of aCalendar account should appear. gSyncit is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook purposed for syncing calendars between Outlook and Google. It also supports synchronization with Evernote, Dropbox and some other accounts and lets you edit Google calendar events imported into the Outlook calendar. In that process, there is an option to synchronize calendar.

Best Tools & Apps To Sync Outlook And Google Calendars

There, Go to the “Current View” which is present in the Ribbon. Select the current view as “Calendar” from that “Current View” drop-down like the below screenshot. In the same way, I have created an another Event named as “Company Meeting” in the “TSInfoEvents” List which is used for organizing a meeting in the company. Then click on “Save” for saving the event into that “TSInfoEvents” List in SharePoint site. Here I have chosen “Holiday” because it is a Holiday event.

A project can include notes at the top of the “document,” and then you can include its tasks, sub-tasks, and headings. And indeed, a project in Things feels very much like a blank document rather than a rigid checklist. There is space for notes and reference information that does not feel like a simple free-form text field that is a second-class citizen in the apps UI.

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