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The Vtech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight offer a charming and colorful design which will definitely boost the emotions of your child. The reason why we absolutely love this flashlight is that this flashlight not only gives the light your kid needs but also helps your kid with learning. You don’t need to worry or do any extensive research for what kind of flashlight you’d like to buy for your growing child, we’ve done all that for you. Here are our ten picks for the best kids flashlights in 2019.

Lastly, you will be getting a standard 6-month warranty with the purchase. This best small flashlight has a premium battery of 3350 mAh which is rechargeable through a micro USB cable. You will get about 6 hours of continuous light if you use this flashlight at medium mode.

Smart Light

You will get a free pocket clip and a tear-resistant nylon holster with the purchase. Along with that, you also get a limited lifetime warranty with this flashlight. The outer body of this small bright flashlight LED flashlight is made out of machined aircraft grade aluminum which is also anodized for strength. This is one of the most popular small flashlights on Amazon right now; it has been given a whopping 4.5 stars by more than 4 thousand customers. The overall capacity of this best small flashlight is of 1000 lumens, perfect for hunting or outdoor sports.

  • Wise has reviewed flashlights since 2007, and in that time, he told me, he has taken a hands-on look at nearly 200 different models.
  • Maximum output is 520 lumens, and it’s powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery.
  • Switch takes time to learn, but once you got it, it’s quite convenient.
  • The light puts out 1000 lumens thrown 100 meters and can run for 4.5 days- all of that power in a housing less than 3 inches and less than 2 ounces.
  • Powered by two AA alkaline batteries, it’s easy to carry backup batteries and greatly extend the device’s charge and use time.
  • Adding a third wire allows you to create a “tester”.

If the ThruNite Archer 2A V3 is not available, we recommend the Manker E12. Almost everything we like about the Archer 2A V3 is present in the E12, and this model even has a few minor aspects that we liked a little better. But we concluded that the wider Tiny Flashlight download apk range of brightness levels on the Archer 2A V3 offers more flexibility in use and in managing battery drain. The differences are fairly minor, noticeable only when the lights are side by side, so we’re convinced that anyone ending up with the Manker E12 will be wholly satisfied with their flashlight. The TC15 is just barely bigger than the Archer 2A V3, but at the high setting it’s twice as bright with a similar run time. It has a one-button interface that allows for instant access to both the brightest and dimmest settings.

Thorfire Powerful 5000 Lumen Flashlight

Many brands like Anker and GearLight have small but powerful flashlights, so do your research before investing in one. The flashlight works using disposable CR123 batteries. However, these batteries are not included in the package, therefore, you’ll have to make that investment yourself. However, it isn’t only the LED colors that you can change. You can change the different lighting modes as well.

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